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R407 charging kit for air conditioning


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kit recharge for air conditioning R407, pack to recharge your air conditioning R407 or R507, R404, R290

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Kit for air conditioning at the R407 (or R507, R404, R290)

Contents of the kit
1 R407 gas cartridge
1 Faucet
1 Flexible (color of the hose in the non-contracual photo)

Optional: Self-drilling valve (for mobile air conditioning)
If you need more gas, this is here
A full version with manifold is available here

Female thread 1/2 ACME with male tip 1/4 SAE
Comes with additional female tip 1/4 SAE - male 1/2 ACME

1 Refill hose for refrigerants
Compatible for 1/4 Female type aiming connections, length 90 cm


This substitute gas is a mixture of dimethyl methane and trimethyl methane, two refrigerant gases of non-polluting natural hydrocarbons. This mixture can be used in a refrigerator at medium and low temperatures. It is perfect for use in household and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Application and use:

  • This gas is an effective alternative to R22, R407C, R507 or R404a
  • Excellent energy efficiency and cooling capacity (reduced power consumption because it produces more intense cold)
  • Operate at much lower pressures than the original one and therefore more economical for filling
  • Load weight considerably reduced by about 40% of the initial weight of the original gas, a savings is therefore already made on the filling.

This compatible gas  R407C,R507, R404 and R290 is the ideal solution for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, refrigeration chambers and fractional type air conditioning systems* designed for hydrocarbons.


This refrigerant hydrocarbon can be used in refrigerators and air conditioning systems.

All like the set of refrigerants,

Make sure you have proper ventilation during a recharge.

Do not smoke while handling the product.

Don't work next to a flame 

Protect your eyes, face and skin from possible splashes

The self-driving temperature of this refrigerant is 460-470 °C.

Product features:

  • High purity hydrocarbon refrigerant.
  • More intense rejection of the heat produced by the system to improve condenser heat exchange performance.
  • Applicable in compressors designed for R507, R407C, R22 or R404a, as well as special compressors designed for R290.
  • Compatible with existing heat exchange and expansion facilities, and the most common refrigeration materials and lubricants (PAG POE)
  • Perfect for use in commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems where energy efficiency and reliable equipment performance are really very important.

This substitute gas does not require approvals to be purchased or installed in a circuit empty of CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs. Any intervention on a circuit still containing fluorine: CFC, HFC or HCFC requires the intervener to comply with the laws in force in his country (Decree of July 4, 2009).

What the law says

Even if our substitute gas is 100% compatible with the original gas and existing oils in your system, the Law states that the mixing of refrigerants is prohibited

Collect all existing refrigerants in an appropriate and approved container and mark it correctly 

The law prohibits the discharge and degassing of refrigerants into the atmosphere.

Attention: It is impossible for us to deliver this product in the DOM-TOM. Indeed, airlines refuse this product for safety reasons

In order to protect the environment, the instructions for use are provided to you in digital form 

For R134a, 1234yf, R12 see here
It is also available here for the 
vacuum draw 
For R22,R410a, R32 This is it
As for the fridge refill, it's on this link

*What is a split system: it is a split or multi split air conditioner. 

Photo and non-contractual mark

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R407 charging kit for air conditioning

R407 charging kit for air conditioning

kit recharge for air conditioning R407, pack to recharge your air conditioning R407 or R507, R404, R290

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R407 charging kit for air conditioning (83.5 EUR)

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