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to maintain or improve your living conditions in winter, Tiweo offers a wide range of fireplaces Bio ethanol

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  • Fireplace ethanol

    Fireplaces Ethanol on Tiweo. A Bioethanol fireplace is ideal primary heating for medium, or auxiliary heating parts, it is a huge benefit to the environment and your health because these fireplaces reject not CO2. A bio-ethanol fireplace works using a fuel called bio-ethanol or ethanol, with manufacture of biological and agricultural origin. This product and made from plant material, such as beets, wheat, corn or sugarcane. Advantage of our fireplaces to Bio-ethanol • Quick Installation (-20 mn) • ductless • useless to appeal to a professional • large number of choice of colours • any form of design

  • Heater and electric...

    Online sales of heaters and electric heaters. Heating blowing cheaper ceramic radiator not expensive. The biggest brands of electric heaters

  • Stove wood and coal

    Insert and fireplace cheaper on www.tiweo.fr insert cheap fireplace, stove a wood or cheaper coal, lARGE selection of Wood stove or coal at the best price. stove granules or pellets. Wood stove not expensive, insert wood not cheap, cheap coal-fire stoves has Woods supra reviews, cheap Godin stoves, stoves invicta in promotion.

  • Dry towel
    Dry-towels at the best price on Tiweo.fr come discover our range dry-towel Electric on www.tiweo.fr. different power, electric heating or hot water, radiant or fluid version
  • Pellet stove
    Pellet stove cheap on Tiweo.fr, great brand of stove pellets, pellet Stove Ferlux less expensive to Buy a pellet stove
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Showing 1 - 12 of 37 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 37 items