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Facilities and recreation

Wide choice of equipment and leisure, professionals and individuals. Thermometers, hygrometers, Weather Stations and accessories, bells, chimes, clocks clocks and chronometers. Choose from our available articles

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  • Vacuum cleaner
    Apirateurs cheaper for individual and business and trade building, vacuum big brand such as Metabo, Mirka, Makita, Karcher, ica, Festool low prices on tiweo.fr
  • Insect

    Insect, attracts and exterminates the flying insects without chemicals and therefore without pollution, odourless, noiseless and without risk

  • Brewer and fan
    Feet or low prices on Tiweo table fan. Brewers of cheap air buy a cheaper fan, ceiling fan for businesses, desk fan, quiet fan, large power fan, ceiling fan for factory, sales online of fan the Brewers of air, ventilation for office.
  • Chargers and batteries
    battery charger specifically designed to load and unload the batteries, powered either by a car adapter, or by a multi-voltage AC adapter.
  • Cord and cable heating...
    Protection against freezing by cables with self-regulating heating Cable, heating cord, Frost Protection
  • Fire extinguisher
    Fire extinguisher for individuals, fire extinguisher for fire extinguishers, commercial surfaces in water, extinguishing powder, metal cabinets of protection for fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher for car, fire extinguisher for fire, fire extinguisher oil, fire extinguishers, fire extinguishers to versatile powder for electricity
  • AEG Samsung Whirlpool...
  • Wall clocks
    Clock and wall clock at the best price on Tiweo make your choice among our selection of wall clocks.
  • Measuring equipment
    Thermometer, infrared measurement in laser sight Zoom, thermometer non-contact laser sight with display of temperature, level laser, laser measurement
  • Ultrasonic cleaner

    Ultrasound machine cheap price discount on Tiweo. Cleaner Ultrasound at the best price, rhile such cleaners to ultrasound to clean your glasses, jewelry, coins, mechanical, injector, carburetor parts

  • Jack meter power...
    Jack meter to measure its power consumption, power consumption in euro meter, calculate consumption EDF measurement your consumption energy accurately,.Indicator to measure the number of kWh consumed by the heating or air conditioning as well as all other cleaners and power savings.
  • safety child protection
    For security and the protection of your child indoors as outdoors
  • Rattlesnake - chimes
    Doorbells and chimes with or without wires, video entry for your home, your secondary residence, private homes, offices, workshops, reception
  • Weather stations
    Weather stations and accessories, sale of accessories for measuring weather, Temperature, wind, temperature sensor and humidity
  • Anti-pests for...
    Anti-pest for individuals and professionals, Gorilla Trap trap, reusable rat trap, Rat and mouse station, rat and mouse bait box, Rat trap kit, mouse trap kit, Nara Lure bait, Easily catch rats and mice, Appat for Grorilla Trap
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Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items