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Effective and poison-free mouse traps


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Effective mouse traps without poison, Effective rat trap, homemade mouse trap without killing, trap for Mules, Rat traps without killing

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Homemade mouse trap without killing, rat traps without suffering, Effective trap for rats and mice

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The concern of a traditional trap is that after each capture (or not), it is necessary to evacuate the dead prey, clean the blood on the trap and then reprime it and capture other rodents.

This trap was designed to capture dozens of rodents without killing, injuring or poisoning them and especially without having to intervene at each trigger or catch. (except to drop off the gnawers away from home when there are several)

The hatch automatically returns to its default position once the rodent is trapped. (works without batteries, without current and without solar lighting)

This trap is reusable infinitely and for several years. it can be used both indoors and outdoors, in an outbuilding, attic, cellar, garage, etc.

it is safe for children or pets

This trap for mice , Mulots, Rat has a Diameter: 30.5 cm, it can be used on a simple bucket in palstic 25-30cm in diameter.

A lid
A Trap 
One scale 
A mode of use

Our help for its implementation:
What bait 
You will preferably use a sweet bait such as spread, jam or peanut butter (which you will spread underneath on the top part ... above the hatch), or animal-like food like bird fat balls (they love it) that you'll hold with a little sticky food or something else.

Is this trap dangerous for children or pets?
Rest assured, There is no danger, indeed this trap does not contain any poison or spring tap!

Regarding pets, the small size of the entrance means that no dog, cat can access it.
No danger for hedgehogs given the scale which is not very wide and especially very steep.

Do rats or mice die once they fall into the bucket?
No, This trap was designed with the aim of preserving animal life, with the aim of freeing them away from home.

Can I use this trap indoors or outdoors?
Yes no problem for these various uses.

How many traps should be affixed?
We advise you to put 1 to 3 traps per room, garage, cellar, attic depending on the M².

Rodents carry serious diseases that can be transmitted to humans. They urinate constantly and thus attract their congeners

They can gnaw your electrical cables, ventilation duct, plasterboard ceiling, they can also cause short circuits and fire (with electrical cables).

It is therefore important to get rid of them effectively and without suffering before they happen again..

Photo and non-contractual color (usually black or yellow depending on arrival)
Sold without a seal,

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Effective and poison-free mouse traps

Effective and poison-free mouse traps

Effective mouse traps without poison, Effective rat trap, homemade mouse trap without killing, trap for Mules, Rat traps without killing

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Effective and poison-free mouse traps (26.91 EUR)

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