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Sale of tools for professionals and individuals or professionals of automobile portable electric tools for DIY, car, House, Garden flat key, key pipe, socket, pliers, screwdrivers, socket box iron cabinets soldering choose from our best prices

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  • Gas Analyzer

    Analysis the rate of carbon monoxide (CO) in the exhaust gas, allowing a precise adjustment of the carburation. Adjustment of the rate of CO translates into lower consumption, better performance of the engine, while preserving the environment

  • Compressor

    Small air compressor lightweight and compact for use domestic everyday. Portable thanks to its handle and ergonomic shape, it will follow you everywhere in your daily tasks.

  • Spring compressor
    For shock absorbers spring compressor, buy a cheaper spring ompresseur, claw to compress the shock absorbers, device for chager shock absorbers.
  • Extractors automotive
    Puller clutch air-conditioning, screw extractor, ball bearing extractor, puller steering wheel puller lug, battery, puller hub puller ball joint, extracteurs special automotive Tooling Auto
  • Cleaning fountain
    Fountain cleaning auto parts, mechanics, degrease easily mechanical parts through our fountains cleaning available on Tiweo, scrubber, auto parts, fountains of cleaning large mechanical parts
  • Tester & setting

    test its brakes, tester of culase joint, pump Tester oil, test his oil pressure, tools to control the tightness of a cooling circuit, walk to digital caliper, professional torque wrench, tester of oil pressure, sensor head gasket defective, automotive tools cheaper. Air conditioning Tester, fuse Tester, test its air conditioning, set the CO², test the battery

  • Easy drain

    to achieve your drain easily and make savings on the whim of an intervention in a garage for car, motorcycle, lawn mower, boat, etc. A purchase quickly amortised through the savings and do your drain at a glance cleanly and easily.

  • Screwdriver
    Screwdriver flat, cruciform, loving, precision screwdriver Phillips, Torx, Pozi cheap, buy screwdrivers online on a secure site. Wide choice of tcheap ournevis on
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items