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Duracool 12A refrigerant gas of 9 Kg


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Duracool 12A refrigerant gas of 9Kg or 22.6kgs of R134a or 25.8 kgs of CFC R12

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Duracool 12A refrigerant gas of 9Kg or 22.6kgs of R134a or 25.8 kgs of CFC R12

another format of 5.5 kg is dusponible here

Deepcool 12a is a natural refrigerant gas, with no greenhouse effect or effect on the ozone layer, based on hydrocarbons (substitute fluid).


Deepcool 12a ideally replaces the R12 and R134a gases that can be found in the refrigeration circuits of automobiles. Deepcool 12a is indeed compatible with both air conditioning oils (mineral and synthetic).

In addition, Deepcool 12a has molecules larger than the original gases, and thus saves 30 to 40% of gas on the full load of the refrigeration circuit. Each 9kg bottle is equivalent to about 22.6kgs of HFC-R134a or 25.8kgs of CFC-R12.

Deepcool refrigerant gases work at lower pressures and provide energy savings of up to 40% compared to CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs.


Air conditioning recharge (simple)

Vacuum draw and recharging automotive air conditioning


ADVANTAGE of Deepcool 12a: it does not require approvals to be used, all individuals and professionals can use this product to recharge air conditioning circuits R12 or R134a. Be careful, notions of cold are still necessary


DURACOOL® refrigerants do not require approvals to be purchased, or installed in an empty circuit of CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs. Any intervention on a circuit still containing fluorine: CFC, HFC or HCFC requires the intervener to comply with the laws in force (Decree of July 4, 2009).


To know:

When ordering, you will receive with your kit a label (s) to be affixed to your vehicle to specify that it is equipped with gas 12A

All like R134a and the refrigerant assembly,

Make sure you have proper ventilation during a recharge.

Do not smoke while handling the product.

Protect your eyes, face and skin from possible splashes.

For information, here are the technical data of auto flammability of the different refrigerants (easily searchable and indisputable on the sites of the different manufacturers).

- R134a (gas of origin) HFC 743°C F: fluorine, 'thermal decomposition: hydrofluoric acid',
- HFO 1234yf HFC (new approved gas that replaces R134a) 405°C F: fluorine, "thermal decomposition: hydrofluoric acid",
- HC 12a (our gas) HC 891 ° C no fluorine, so no hydrofluoric acid possible.

The R12a is definitely an advantageous replacement for the R-12 and R-134a in
existing systems.
It can also be used in new circuits.

What the law says

Even though our gas 12a is 100% compatible with R134a and existing oils, the Law states: Mixing refrigerants is illegal 

Collect all existing refrigerants in an appropriate and approved container and mark it correctly as The law prohibits the discharge of refrigerants into the atmosphere.

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Duracool 12A refrigerant gas of 9 Kg

Duracool 12A refrigerant gas of 9 Kg

Duracool 12A refrigerant gas of 9Kg or 22.6kgs of R134a or 25.8 kgs of CFC R12

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Duracool 12A refrigerant gas of 9 Kg (881.1 EUR)

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