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R32 recharge kit with manometer


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R32 recharge kit with gas and manometer, R32 air conditioning charging pack, R32 eco-friendly gas

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Recharge an R32 air conditioner, recharge your own air conditioning, air conditioning gas R32

This pack consists of:

A charging controller with its manometer to inject R410a gas into your air conditioner
An ecological recharging cartridge R32a, (green alternative gas).
A charging hose. Or - 90cm
A brass faucet to screw on the cartridge provided in this kit.

Using this kit is easy for anyone with a minimum of DIY knowledge.

Compatible with all R32 gas-equipped equipment, to find out what gas is used on your equipment, please refer to your manual or check on the label on the compressor or on the device itself.

This R410 alternative gas is a blend of R290 propane and high purity ethane R170. It is a very small GWP refrigerant compared to the original R32 gas. It is designed to replace the R32 economically and economically in a residential or commercial air conditioning system.

  • Excellent performance under high and extreme ambient temperatures
  • Faster cooling compared to the original R32 gas
  • Exceptional energy efficiency (reduced electricity consumption because it produces more intense cold)
  • Operates at lower pressures compared to R32 synthetic refrigerants (larger molecules)
  • Can be used in 99% of compressors designed for the R432
  • Escape less easily in case of micro leakage (larger molecules)
  • Compatible with reversible (cold hot) installations designed for the R32, as well as with the most common lubricants. (PAG POE)

The installation of this R32 synthetic fluorocarbon gas, will greatly reduce your electrical consumption and thus extend the longevity of your air conditioner since the cold being more intense with this gas, the compressor will start much less often.

The method is the same as for the R410a, the manometer presented in this video and the old model, the one that will be provided to you will have 2 scales (R32 - R410a)
The pressure in the red zone is normal as long as the device or compressor is not engaged!
Always work in cold mode NEVER IN HOT MODE (Danger)

Method of use. (Put your protections)

  • Make sure the brass faucet is open (unscrewed).
  • Screw the brass faucet on the refill, be careful not to tighten too tight.
  • Screw one end of the hose on this faucet and the other end on the charging controller (provided in this kit).
  • Screw (close) without forcing too much, the brass faucet to pierce the can, put your can head down (to send the gas in liquid phase and not in the gas phase)
  • Unscrew the faucet (open) to let the gas pass to the charging controller, just press a second on the charging handle to get some gas out of the hose (to avoid sending air into your system) do not smoke or work next to a flame during this operation (flammable)
  • Screw the other end of the charging controller (black flexible side) on your machine (on low pressure, the bulk of the two pipes), be careful when this gas operation can escape from your air conditioning system (during tightening)
  • Put your air conditioning system in a cold position (only in cold mode), put the ventilation as much as possible.
  • Press the controller slightly to send the gas into your system. 
  • When the compressor is triggered (i.e. when it starts to produce cold if it is empty) ensure that the needle on the gauge is about three-quarters of the green zone on the R410a scale
  • Ditto if you're just doing an upgrade or pressure control.
  • Let your system rotate for about 15 minutes to stabilize, then check the pressure if it has dropped, send a little gas again so that the pressure will find it at 3/4 of the green zone of the R4 110 scale on the gauge (as shown above).
  • The operation is now complete, turn off the brass faucet and then leave it in place on the refill (if your cartridge is not empty) for possible later use.
  • Unscrewing the tip currently in place on your machine, be careful at this stage, gas may leak.
  • Please store this material in a cool place away from the sun, heat or flame


A can of our 350grs R32 replacement gas is equivalent to 490grs of original R32, a saving is already achieved just because of filling your system with this ecological alternative gas.


This hydrocarbon refrigerant can be used in refrigerators and air conditioning systems. 

Just like the refrigerant set,

Make sure you're recharging to have proper ventilation.

Do not smoke while handling the product.

Don't work next to a flame 

Protect your eyes, face and skin from splashings

This replacement refrigerant does not require approvals to be purchased or installed in an empty circuit of CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs. Any intervention on a circuit that still contains fluoride: CFC, HFC or HCF requires the worker to comply with the laws in force in his country (Decree of July 4, 2009).

What the law says

Even though our R32 replacement gas is 100% compatible with the R32 and existing oils in your system, the Act states that refrigerant mixture is prohibited.

Collect all existing refrigerants in an appropriate and approved container and mark it correctly 

The law prohibits the discharge and degassing of refrigerants into the atmosphere.

Warning: We are unable to deliver this product in DOM-TOM. Indeed, airlines refuse this product for safety reasons

In order to protect the environment, the manual is provided to you in digital form 

For the R134a, 1234yf, R12 see here
It is also available here for the 
empty draw 
For R22,R410a, R32 This is it
As far as fridge refills are concerned, it's on that link

Global warming potential, a conversion factor that compares the influence of different greenhouse gases on the climate system

Photo and non-contract mark

Like all refrigerants, this one is flammable

Ensure you during a refill to have proper ventilation, put on goggles and a pair of gloves.

Do not smoke while handling the product and do not use next to a flame or source that may ignite

Protect your eyes, face and skin from splashing.

Careful: It is impossible for us to deliver this product in the DOM-TOM. Airlines refuse to transport this product for safety reasons specific to their company.

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R32 recharge kit with manometer

R32 recharge kit with manometer

R32 recharge kit with gas and manometer, R32 air conditioning charging pack, R32 eco-friendly gas

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R32 recharge kit with manometer (179.4 EUR)

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