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Cooling gas Duracool 502A 5.44 Kg


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Cooling gas Duracool 502A 5.44 Kg or 13.6 kg of R-502

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Duracool 502a®.

Gas natural refrigerant without greenhouse effect or effects on the ozone layer hydrocarbon. Replaces R502 used in freezers, refrigerators and semi-trailers, refrigerated.

Each cylinder of 5.44 Kg is equivalent to 13.6 kg of R-502.

Duracool 502a® (fluid substitution) conforms to the international standards ISO 5149, BS 4434-1995, AS/NZS 1677 and ASHRAE 5149. The refrigerant gas Deepcool work at lower pressures and allow energy savings of up to 40% compared to CFCS, HCFCS and HFCS.

Attention: It is impossible for us to deliver this product in the Dom-Tom. In effect, the airlines refuse this product for security reasons

Refrigerants DURACOOL® do not require amenities to be purchased, or installed in a circuit void of CFCS, HFCS or HCFCS. Any intervention on a circuit containing more fluorine : CFC, HFC or HCFC requires the speaker to respect the laws in force (Decree of 4 July 2009).

Namely :

When placing your order, you will receive with your kit a (of the) label (s) affixed to your vehicle to indicate that it is equipped with the gas 12A

All as the R22 and the set of fluid refrigerant,

Ensure you at a charge to have proper ventilation.

Do not smoke while handling the product.

Protect you eyes, face and skin of any spills.


What the law says

The mixture of refrigerants is illegal

Recover all the refrigerant existing in an appropriate container and approved, and mark it correctly, because the act prohibits The discharge of refrigerants into the atmosphere

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Cooling gas Duracool 502A 5.44 Kg

Cooling gas Duracool 502A 5.44 Kg

Cooling gas Duracool 502A 5.44 Kg or 13.6 kg of R-502

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Cooling gas Duracool 502A 5.44 Kg (640 EUR)

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