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Professional disinfectant cleaner Phago'spray DM


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Phago'spray DM hydroalcoholic disinfectant for healthcare professionals! Spray bottle of 750ml

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Covid disinfectant for healthcare professional!

15,90 €

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Phago'spray DM
This product is a professional disinfectant cleaner for disinfecting surfaces in
risky environments Such as: Medical office. Dentist, Physiotherapist, Ehpad and surgery department, but also for trade (hairdresser counter, barber, drinking establishment, supermarket, tobacconist, etc.)

Hygiene is indeed, a major element in the chain of transmission of infections, it consists simply in eliminating germs by using effective cleaning techniques and products such as this one

It can also be used in spraying walls, ceilings, and air vents, as well as furniture care and surgical services.

It can also be used directly sprayed on a single-use cloth (cloth) for the rapid disinfection of small furniture such as: office, bench, care cart, external surfaces of non-medical devices invasive and small areas close to the patient (chair, examination bed, etc.)

3 Spray functions: Stop, Foam or spray (In this case remove the tip on the nozzle)

composition Active substances
-Ethanol (N°CAS: 64-17-5): 24% m/m-Chloride didecyldimethylammonium(N°CAS: 7173-51-5): 0.14% m/m
-Alkylamine(N°CAS: 2372-82-9): 0.25% m/m

Organoleptic and physico-chemical characteristics

Appearance: clear liquid

Color: colorless

smell: grapefruit üpH at 20°C (pure product): 9.5 to 11.0

Density at 20°C (g/ml):0,968 ±0,005

Instructions for use

This disinfection product is ready for use.

Spray on a single-use cloth and/or apply on the surface to be disinfected.

Do not rinse*

* In the case of disinfection of surfaces that may enter into direct contact with foodstuffs, rinsing at drinking water is necessary (Order of 8 September 1999)

Leave on for 5 minutes for bactericidal activity or 15 minutes for a full spectrum.


Avoid runoff the product to avoid dripping! for more security and avoid this, start spraying from the bottom up (on a door for example)

Do not use in terminal disinfection machines. 

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Professional disinfectant cleaner Phago'spray DM

Professional disinfectant cleaner Phago'spray DM

Phago'spray DM hydroalcoholic disinfectant for healthcare professionals!  Spray bottle of 750ml

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Professional disinfectant cleaner Phago'spray DM (15.9 EUR)

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