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Rust converter, high temperature


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Rust converter high temp�temperature, rust Converter, high-temp�temperature for engine, exhaust, chassis

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This convertissuer rust high-temp�temperature (gray) can �be reverni or covered�paint high temp�space !

This converter anti-rust is a rev�onto the component with excellent properties�t�s de s�display and protocetion anti-corrosive.

The content �lev� pigments gar
antit a high covering power, m�me on the edges.

Universal Application as appr�t or as rev�onto the endal, content of r�inserted in solvents, for almost all media.

High temp�temperature up to 400 degree�s however used� and test� by us on a line of�fumes and the Fap of a v�vehicle, this converter has �tait pos� there are more than 6 months and did not bug� � this day (little to change the�g�surely tint)


Protection against corrosion of machines in steel,�iron�andssi on l?aluminium and pi�these zingu�es

, d�grease and clean the surface.

appr�t for the most�
paintings monocomposantes and most paints 2K.

Id�al for diff�different mat�materials.

Examples of?application: v�vehicles in winter conditions (d�snow) or construction, containers, dumpsters, mats �lectriques, ch�ssis truck, railway stations, roofs, boats, etc

Id�al�as appr�t, layer, split�intermediary or�
final layer in the constructions and pi�these m�tal, steel. aluminum

Donn�es technical:
Combination of diff�different r�sines polyester with pigment-effective and super-covering,
does not contain lead, chromates, and zinc.
Contains solvents of class TA III,
contains no spice
and no xyl�do.

Solid: approximately 68 % weight/ 50 % volume
Performance: 8.2 m� / ltr. � 60 ? (calculation�)
Shine: standard: matt
Littlet �tre applied� on the surfaces of�rouill�es manually or directly on the�rust.
Capacity 400Ml
S�chage fast:
� 20� C / 65 % humidity�
* out of dust�re: Tenminutes* to the touch Time : 1 hour*
s�ch� full � heart
: 24 hours*
recoverable: up to 8 hours
The paint is high temp�temperature 600��this is here

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Rust converter, high temperature

Rust converter, high temperature

Rust converter high temp�temperature, rust Converter, high-temp�temperature for engine, exhaust, chassis

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Rust converter, high temperature (23.5 EUR)

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