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Diffuser professional automatic perfume


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Aroma diffuser auto pro,Broadcast at regular time interval, adjustable in duration and interval, 24/24, day or night. This diffuser uses top-quality perfumes based on essential oils

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This material is not in the trade

This difusseur as well as its recharches are indentiques to those visible in shops, hotels, Mcdonald's, hospitals, etc...

Several fragrances are available


Do not compare this product to that of the major surface which for you to consume cartridges to the death, they had the good idea to add a detector infra-red to drain 5 to 10 times faster each cartridge (that is why the purchase of their devices and low-cost)

Our diffuser is adjustable from 7 to 30 Minutes,

It also offers a 3-position,

24/24, only at night, or only on the day

Example: position updates, if your device is in a wc dépouvu window or light, it will perform a pluvérisation as soon as the light will be on, then return to sleep once the light turned off (imagined the life of a cartridge and batteries and especially the economy realized)

Even more economical ! depending on the size of your room, you can adjust the power of the jet

Example: Small-medium-high

the diffuser has a valve electromechanical, which allows it to consume very little energy for greater autonomy.

An indicator light tells the user that it is necessary to change the refill.

This diffuser is programmable and has a photocell.

It can work 24h/24 or only when the room is lit.

2 years warranty. Quality control that ensures the reliability of the device.

Can be free standing or hung on the wall. The variety and quality of the perfumes allow you to use the system in various places (offices, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, receptions, corridors, toilets, changing rooms), whether in hotels, industry, hospitals, retirement homes, government agencies. Designed to be wall mounted or placed on a table or other thanks to a foot, retractable. It is discreet and fits perfectly in the layout of the parts. .

Diffuser supplied without a battery. Works with three batteries LR6-1.5 V. System for aerosol EOLIA. Dimensions: Height 280 mm Width 100 mm Depth 85 mm.

Great handling
• Close to key
• Works with 3 batteries LR6
• Photo cell
• Complete program

Recharge :

• A refill exclusive

• Aerosol screw

• Delivers up to 180m3

• Up to 6000 sprays
• A distribution is optimized thanks to the new technology of the spray micronized

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Diffuser professional automatic perfume

Diffuser professional automatic perfume

Aroma diffuser auto pro,Broadcast at regular time interval, adjustable in duration and interval, 24/24, day or night. This diffuser uses...

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Diffuser professional automatic perfume (89.9 EUR)