General conditions of sales


Property of the site: the site is the property of the company in its entirety, together with the rights y related. Any reproduction, integral or partial, is prohibited unless prior express authorization of Tiweo

1. acceptance of the General conditions of sale

The customer admits having taken knowledge, prior to the placing of order, General conditions of sale stated on this screen and expressly declares to accept them without reserve. The present general conditions of sale govern the contractual relationship between and his client. They will prevail on all other conditions contained in any other document, unless prior, express, and written by Tiweo derogation
The present general conditions of sale can be modified at any time by, without notice. The applicable conditions will be those in force on the site at the time of the validation of the order.

2 command

Automatic registration systems are considered as proof of the nature and the contents of the command. Tiweo confirms acceptance of the order to the customer at the email address it will be communicated. The sale will be concluded from validation by of the payment of the order that is from the date of validation of the payment for orders paid online by credit card (Paypal) or from the date of receipt of payment by bank transfer or by cheque. reserves in any case the right to refuse or cancel any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute concerning the payment of a previous order.

3. prices and payment

The price is expressed in Euros «VAT not applicable, article 293 B du CGI»
The price indicated in the confirmation of order is the final price for the France. This price includes the price of the products, handling costs, packaging and storage of products, transport costs, insurance and commissioning.
The price is payable in cash or in 2 times free of charge (from €400), the day of the confirmation of order.
The payment is made:

  • credit card hand through our partner: Crédit Agricole in cash (from € 10) 2 times free of charge or (from €400).
    The order will be automatically cancelled and the customer request by e-mail in the event where the bank payment centres concerned have refused to give their consent. Tiweo has implemented a procedure to verify and request for additional information to the client, to ensure that the user of the credit card is its owner. The implementation of this procedure, which cannot be regarded as a guarantee against any fraudulent use of credit card or liability Tiweo and may lead to the cancellation of the order.

  • Delay compensation

In case of delay of payment, will be payable, in accordance with article L 441-6 of the commercial code, compensation calculated on the basis of three times the legal interest rate in force as well as a lump sum indemnity for recovery of 40 euros costs.


  • Debt overhang

 Tiweo reserves the right to cancel an order (in 2 times free of charge) If for the same customer a 2 times without charge is already underway, in this case only a cash payment will be accepted



  • by cheque: Cheques are to establish the order of Tiweo and send to the following address:

17 Avenue of the Ruage
59260 Lezennes


  • by cheque in 3 times without charge (only if this solution is offered to you on your payment)

Tiweo offers you now the 3 times without charge by cheque (only if this solution is offered to you on your payment). This payment solution is applicable only for an amount exceeding € 400. Three cheques should be made payable to the order of Tiweo and will be sent at the same time, the first cheque will be cashed upon receipt and will validate your order, the second and third cheque will be cashed in the following months. They must all be established to the order of Tiweo, signed and dated from the date of the order.

Thank you to send your payment within a maximum period of one week after placing your order, otherwise, it will be cancelled.

A photocopy of your identity and EDF (or telephone receipt of minimum 6 months) is essential and mandatory for processing and confirmation of your order.

all these documents are to be sent to:

17 Avenue of the Ruage
59260 Lezennes

  • Mandate cash

We only accept mandates cash in euros. To establish a mandate Cash, go in a post office.
Residentials your money Tiweo Mr Cordier order and send it to the following address:
Tiweo Mr Cordier.
17 Avenue of the Ruage
59206 Lezennes
Upon receipt of your payment, we proceed to the shipment of your order


  • Payments cannot be regarded as a deposit. Any delay in payment causes of right the liability to pay interest for delay corresponding to once and half the rate of legal interest, collection costs and all of the invoice for payment in several times.

4 clause of reserve of property

By express agreement, and in accordance with the provisions of the Act of May 12, 1980, the ordered products remain the property of Tiweo until the integral payment of their price by the customer. In the event of non-fulfilment of obligations by the customer, regardless of the cause, shall be entitled to demand the immediate return of the goods at the expense and risk of the customer.

5 availability and shipping of products

All the deadlines advertised on the Tiweo site are in working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays). Each product sheet says:

  • Is the presence of the concerned product in stock: the 'Available' indication corresponds to the State of the stock at Tiweo or its suppliers at the time of the command.
  • Either a period of availability: the availability period corresponds to the period of supply in stock at Tiweo. This time limit shall be communicated by the supplier and/or the manufacturer of the product and varies depending on the type of product.
  • Either the words "pre-order": the products concerned are new products announced by the supplier and/or manufacturer, no known date of availability.
  • Or the statement "rupture or" Stock exhausted ": the product is temporarily unavailable from our suppliers."

The commands are processed, prepared, and shipped, that is handed over to our carrier, within 24/48 hours from:

  • The receipt of the product by Tiweo, with regard to the products availability,
  • Validation of payment by the customer when it is made by credit card online or the receipt of payments made by bank transfer or by cheque, with regard to products in stock at the time of this posting or receipt,
  • Receipt of products by, when they are actually available from the provider, with regard to products on pre-order.

Generally orders are processed after validation of the payment when they are paid online by credit card or receipt by of regulation when the customer has selected a settlement by transfer or cheque. The indications "in stock" and availability periods are likely to vary between the date of the command and, depending on the case, the date of validation of payment by credit card or the date of receipt of the bank transfer or cheque. Availability times are subject to change at the initiative of the supplier or the manufacturer.
In such cases, the availability periods shall be those in force at the time of the confirmation of payment by credit card or receipt of the transfer or cheque.
In case of unavailability of the products from our suppliers:

  • final unavailability: undertakes to propose to the client of the replacement items or to reimburse the missing items, without delay and at the latest within 30 days in accordance with the provisions of article L121-20-3 of the Code of consumption.
  • temporary unavailability: informs the customer of the date on which the product will be available again. The client then has the ability to maintain his command with these new deadlines or to cancel it. In the latter case, agrees to repay the missing items without delay and at the latest within 30 days in accordance with the provisions of article L121-20-3 of the Code of consumption.
  • Partial shipment (including several articles) 


In the event of unavailability of one or more item (s), Tiweo inform consumers by e-mail (at least then), this command is a partial delivery, with the client the possibility to obtain the refund of the unavailable item


Receipt of this e-mail message, the consumer will be 48 hours worked (excluding weekends and holidays) for: accept this lead time, or require a partial refund (amount from the unavailable item, excluding shipping charges) beyond 48 hours, delivery delay the unavailable item will be considered as accepted 


In case of partial rebate application, Tiweo undertakes to reimburse the consumer within the shortest deadlines, the amount of (s) article (s) unavailable (s) within 30 days, by cheque or any other means of payment in accordance with the provisions of article L121-20-3 of the Code of consumption


  •  6. delivery

The delivery of orders is carried out by independent providers of the society and times announced by these claimants (post - TNT, UPS, Chronopost). The times announced by these claimants are usually 48-72 h for packages less of 30kg and over 72 h for packages of more than 30kg, the reference: 24 h, 48H, 72H, means the given package to the carrier, you must therefore take into account that a delay is necessary for processing your order (preparation, test packaging or restocking breach).

To report to Tiweo any difficulty related to the delivery, the customer has an order tracking free online, accessible via the detail of the order, as well as a phone number to reach customer 09-72-17-03-74 Councillors.

Tiweo undertakes to take the necessary steps so that orders are delivered within 30 days of the validation of the regulation by credit card online or the receipt of payments by bank transfer or by cheque. The carrier undertakes, by contract with, to deliver the order to the address of the purchaser provided by Tiweo.
In addition, for deliveries outside metropolitan France, the customer undertakes to pay all taxes due to the import of products, customs, value-added tax, duty and any other taxes owing under the laws of the country of reception of the order. All orders placed on are intended for the personal use of customers, clients or recipients of products is prohibited any partial or full products resale. cannot be held responsible for the non-payment of taxes for the payment of which the client is required.

In metropolitan France, the delivery will be made by various carriers TNT, UPS, La Poste and Chronopost, etc.) For reasons of availability, an order can be delivered in several times.

Whatever the place of delivery, it is done in the slot under the direct delivery of the product advertised recipient or absent, to another person designated for the purpose by the client with the client. In the absence of any recipient, a notice is left at the delivery address. Any costs of new presentations are the responsibility of the customer. The customer is required to check the condition of the goods upon receipt. In the event of damage, it must cite with precision its reservations on the delivery slip and repeat to the carrier by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within three (3) days of delivery in accordance with the provisions of article L.133 - 3 of the Commercial Code. It must also inform by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt of all damage due to transport within eight (8) days of receipt. No claim will be accepted in the event of failure to comply with these formalities.

We remind you that the reference "subject to unpacking shall is not taken into account by carriers. The minimum imprint that carriers take into account are equipment deteriorated (specify the product and location) – damaged packages (specify the location)". You must in most cases refuse the entire delivery.

If you agree damaged parcels, you must keep a copy of the travel voucher on which you have entered very precisely the damage noted on the equipment or products and you will need to confirm)within 48 hours) to the carrier such damage by registered letter with acknowledgement. A copy of this mail will be sent to us.

If you refuse damaged parcels, you must keep a copy of the travel voucher on which you have entered very accurately observed damage, as well as the number of refused packages

Recall of transport rules

On receipt of your order you have 15 minutes to check the delivery of 20 parcels maximum and less than 100 kg, for the rest 30 minutes.
Fault release you from liability noting reservations clear, accurate and meaningful, i.e. Description and quantity of the missing or damaged hardware,
Any package abyss did not object of reserves by the client (for lack of verification) will be reimbursed or returned and emerge Tiweo of any obligation toward his client.

Tiweo will, in any case, relieved of his obligation to deliver in the event of:

  • occurence of an event of force majeure such as war, riots, fire, strikes, accidents and the impossibility of being supplied,
  • breach by the customer of any of its obligations (payment of the price, accuracy of the information provided by the customer such as the address of delivery...)

7. warranty

All technical articles benefit from the Builder, a contractual guarantee of one year minimum. Some are guaranteed for 2 years or more (see the description of each item). Extensions of guarantees are valid only in France Metropolitan.

All returns must be preceded by prior agreement of and the allocation of a number of return possible. Returns must must we be returned at your expense accompanied by an outlet of guarantee of the equivalent material at least to the amount of your purchase (at the carrier example mail, Ups, TNT, Etc.), in the event of receipt of a deteriorated during his removal to guarantee parcel, retraction, Tiweo will discharge and shall be absolved of his obligation to warranty or refund in this case, you would make your claim for reimbursement with the transport insurance taken after your treatments in advance from your shipping provider.

  Tiweo 17 Allée de Ruage 59260 Lezennes

In the absence of prior agreement, a number of return or if sent to any other address of, the goods will be returned to the client in postage-due. Returned products must be accompanied by the original packaging.

In any event, the customer benefits from the legal warranty for latent defects (Art.1626 and following of the Civil Code). The condition that the purchaser makes the proof of the hidden defect, the seller must legally repair all consequences (1641 et seq. of the civil code).

Are excluded from any warranty:

  1. Uses and interviews not comply with the operating instructions delivered with the product as well as the defects of use or maintenance.
  2. Damage due to an error of manipulation, connection (that it has been achieved with the original accessories or other accessories substituted by the client), an abusive or abnormal use, intentional or accidental physical change, use for commercial or professional purposes.
  3. Accessories or spare parts whose replacement is the result of normal wear and tear, or maintenance current: bulbs, batteries, gaskets, etc...
  4. Costs of transport and modification to the device, in the event of recall by the manufacturer for failure to series.
  5. Damage due to an external event (lightning, water damage, etc...).
  6. The interventions carried out on the device by any person not mandated by the after-sales Service and the malfunctions and damage resulting from such an intervention.

8 limitation of liability

The information provided on the site, photographs, sheets, prices... are given indicatively. strives to ensure the accuracy of the information presented on the site. Errors that can be introduced there are incidental and are corrected as soon as possible. The responsibility of cannot be called into question for simple errors or omissions that could survive despite all the precautions taken in the presentation of products. It is same for modifications of products decided by the manufacturers.
In accordance with the legislation in force, is not responsible for the failure or improper performance of the contract which would be due either to the consumer, is insurmountable and unpredictable from one third to the contract or force majeure.

9 withdrawal

Accordance with articles L.121 - 20 and following of the Code of consumption, the customer has 14 days from the date of delivery to return the product (at his own expense) in its original packaging (at its expense) for replacement or refund and free of charge, except for the expenses of return (transportation costs).

All returns must be preceded by prior agreement of and the allocation of a number of return possible. Returns must be returned to us at your expense accompanied by an outlet of guarantee of the equivalent material at least equal to the amount of your purchase (at the carrier example: mail, Ups, TNT, Etc.), in case of reception of a broken package, damaged during its transport to your retraction and reimbursement, Tiweo will be absolved of his obligation of reimbursement, it will be you in this case to assert your right to reimbursement from your provider's delivery with insurance that you will have previously subscribed.

The return will be accepted if the product has not been broken / used. Sold in blister packs or equipped with a label of guarantee products must be returned in the condition, consumable products are not affected by this cooling-off period if they have used Ex solar film, liquid Urethane, cartridge, air conditioning, etc.
Any return must always be preceded by the assignment of a number of withdrawal and be returned to the following address:

Tiweo Service withdrawal

Tiweo 17 Allée de Ruage 59260 Lezennes

Otherwise, the package will be refused. The reimbursement will take place within 30 days of the date on which the customer exercised his right to withdrawal (article L121-20-1 of the consumer Code).

10. legal information

The customer personal information are essential for processing and delivery of orders, the invoicing and contracts of guarantee. The defect of information involves the non-validation of the order. In accordance with the law "Informatique et Libertés", the processing of personal information to customers was the subject of a declaration to the National Commission for computing and liberties (CNIL).
The customer has (article 34 of the law of January 6, 1978) a right of access, modification, rectification and deletion of the data concerning him, that he can exercise with Tiweo. In addition, Tiweo is committed to not communicate, free or with counterpart, the coordinates of its customers to a third party.

11 commitment to data protection

In accordance with the provisions of law No. 98-536 of 1 July 1998 transposing into the code of the intellectual property of directive 96/9/EC of 11 March 1996 on the legal protection of databases, is producer and owner of all or part of the databases composing this site. By accessing this site, the customer acknowledges that the data component is legally protected and, in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 1 July 1998 supra, agrees not to extract, re-use, store, reproduce, represent, or maintain, directly or indirectly, on any type of medium, by any means and in any form whatsoever, all or part qualitatively or quantitatively substantial content databases in the site which it reached.

12. applicable law

This contract is subject to french law.

13 registration

Company Tiweo SIREN 510-070-758 APE4791A

VAT FR38510070758