Urethane liquid See the product here for repair and the repair of a motor mount or transmission. Ideal product, to remake media not found or too expensive on a car, a boat, etc.
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This liquid Urethane kit is available in various hardnesses here and the method of use explained in detail on our blog

Combine with pleasure with our Bio-ethanol fireplaces in fact, winter is the! 
  See our models here.

If you don't have a classic fireplace is the ideal solution, quick and inexpensive, especially if you like the heat of a fire and contemplate the flames.
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Much simpler to only installed a classic fireplace, it doesn't require a duct. The bio-ethanol fireplace can be placed directly on the ground or mounted on a wall depending on the model.

Alarm and video surveillance! See the solutions.
Why invest in an alarm system ! This will put all the chances on your side to avoid you unpleasant surprises in your absence and save you your life or that of your loved ones while you sleep.

That will become your life if during your sleep an intruder enters your property to seize your goods and grave face to face with one of your children! What we strongly suggest you turn on every evening, your alarm before bedtime!

Alarm and video surveillance are now accessible to all budgets and are easy to install and especially: deterrent in 95% of cases!