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R600a fridge refill kit


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R600a refill kit for fridge or similar, full pack for recharging R600a

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R600a fridge or similar refill kit, full pack to recharge R600a devices

refrigerator troubleshooting kit with refrigerant gas refill r600a, refill r600a gas

This kit consists of:

A bottle of R600a gas from 750ML or 420g gas
A faucet for the R600a bottle (not comaptible with our other gases such as R134, r22, etc.)
A self-piercing valve
A binding hose for filling

Compatible with all R600a gas-equipped equipment, to find out what gas is used on your equipment, please refer to your manual or check on the label on the compressor or on the device itself

Like all refrigerants, this one is flammable

Make sure you're recharging to have proper ventilation.

Do not smoke while handling the product and do not use next to a flame or source that may ignite the gas.

Protect your eyes, face and skin from splashing.

Careful: It is impossible for us to deliver this product in Dom-Tom. Indeed, airlines refuse this product for safety reasons

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R600a fridge refill kit

R600a fridge refill kit

R600a refill kit for fridge or similar, full pack for recharging R600a

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R600a fridge refill kit (85 EUR)

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