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Professional Gorilla Traps


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Gorilla Traps trap for rat, professional equipment for rat and mouse. 

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Professional trap Gorilla Traps, this material is reusable at will, it is very effective with a disconcerting user facility 

Good to know: Tiweo is an authorized seller by the brand

Baits for rat and mouse traps are here

The boxes (safety baiting station) are there

If you prefer a smaller special mouse trap, it's here

The implementation of thebait is very simple thanks to the small built-in bucket that allows you to put your own bait (seed, chocolate, etc.) or Bait aromatic specially designed for this trap 

  •  Tapette frighteningly effective and latest generation
  •  Trap armament fast and easy 
  •  Reusable and washable at will
  •  Increased longevity for interior or outdoor use
  •  Manufacture German of very high quality
  •  Can be used with any bait

This mechanical Gorilla Traps rat trap is a plastic and metal rat slap that does not rust. It instantly kills rodents without any suffering. Its implementation is simple and fast and safe.

This trap eliminates young rats as well as large rats or mice (depending on your setting)

3 adjustment positions of 
sensitivity (low, medium, strong).

Why adjust the sensitivity?

This sensitivity problem is very common on rat or mouse tapettes from Asian countries that you can find at more attractive prices, but these traps will have no effectiveness.

The Trap proposed by Tiweo is of German manufacture with CE marsuage, it complies with the requirements of safety, health and environmental protection.

A trap that is too sensitive will tend to be triggered at the slightest contact and therefore before the rat or mouse is sufficiently advanced on the trap to catch it.

This model has been more specifically studied for rats (due to its size). Note: sensitivity has nothing to do with power, it simply plays on the trigger mechanism in relation to the weight of the animal.


Position 1 is the most sensitive, it allows to catch young rats and mice.
Position 2 (moderate) allows to catch young rats and large adult rats.
Position 3 is used to trap large adult rats. 

The advantage of this trap is that it allows you to catch: mice, small or large rats. while the aforementioned low-cost traps are not adjustable

This trap as well as the whole mechanism is treated against rust. it is resistant to moisture and can be washed under the kingbnet or water jet

It can be reused endlessly

Job modei

Wear gloves so as not to leave your smell on the trap.

Place the bait of your choice or an aromatic pellet in the cavity in the center of the trap.

Arm the trap and place it in the place frequented by your rodents.

Color Brown

Size: 140x75x100mm

Brand: Gorilla Traps®

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Professional Gorilla Traps

Professional Gorilla Traps

Gorilla Traps trap for rat, professional equipment for rat and mouse.  

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Professional Gorilla Traps (14.9 EUR)

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